How to Start Working Out When Obese?

Are you thinking of losing some extra pounds but don’t know where to start? Do you admire a lean and smart figure but can’t control yourself while eating junk? And you are in search of the answer for how to start working out when obese…? 

First of all, you need to know the meaning of being obese or obesity. Obesity is a complex form of health issue that does not only involve cosmetic concerns, rather it is a medical condition that increases the risk of other disorders as well.

For example, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and certain cancers are directly or indirectly related to obesity.

To know whether you are obese or not, you can calculate your BMI (body mass index). If your BMI is 30 or above, you are considered obese.

People having the BMI range of 25 to 34.9, and a waist size of over 40 inches for men and 35 inches for women, are especially at high risk for health problems.

Simple 20 Minute Exercise for Obese Beginners at Home by Roberta’s Gym

I am overweight and unfit. Where do I start?

  • First, consult with a dietitian, and ask your health provider to guide you about weight loss. If your doctor asks you to start a workout, make a plan for it. Your workout plan should have realistic goals. So that you can achieve them easily as a beginner.
  • Make up your mind and stick to your decision. Determination and consistency are very important in this journey. Set easy goals in your plan and then you can add more steps to it as your fitness level improves.
  • Be punctual and make a habit of working out. For example, if you start with a brisk walk, make it your habit for every day. Select the time that suits you. And do your exercise daily at that time.
  • Also, give rest to your body. Don’t overburden yourself, as it will demotivate you.
  • As a beginner, you can first make an exercise plan for one week. And try to stick to it. This helps you in understanding how much your body can do in the beginning.
  • You can start with a brisk walk, moderate jog, lunges for legs, pushups, sit-ups, chair-dips, jumping jacks, air squats, and cardio.
  • You should also prepare your body for the workout. For this, stay hydrated, consume enough healthy nutrients, warm-up before exercise, and cool down after it.
  • Listen to your body. If your body gives you signals that you are doing too much, reduce the load. As I already said, set realistic goals. Don’t overburden yourself.
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Stretching exercises for overweight beginners 

If you are a beginner, start with these easy stretching exercise;

  • Neck roll: Stand straight, move your chin slightly towards the chest and rotate your neck in a clockwise direction taking about 7-8 seconds. Repeat 3 times.
  • Shoulder roll: Stand straight, without bending your arms, start rotating your shoulders in circular motions. Then reverse the direction. Do it twice.
  • Standing hip rotation: Stand with the feet apart from each other and place the hands on the hips. Slowly move the hips forward, then rotate them clockwise for 3 rotations. Bring the hips back to the center and then repeat the movement anticlockwise.
  • Do behind-head triceps stretch
  • Do quadriceps stretch
  • Try ankle roll
  • Bend with the child’s pose. This is a yoga position that helps you in ending your stretch routine in a relaxing manner.

Low-impact workout for obese beginners

A low-impact workout has a meaning similar to what the name indicates. It refers to those exercises that have a low impact on your joints. You can adopt these workouts as an obese beginner.

  • Walking is the best and easiest exercise that you can include in your exercise plan.
  • Cycling or riding a stationary bike is also a low impact workout for obese beginners
  • Side leg lift is another example. It helps in working out your lower body.
  • You can also do yoga as it has a lot of benefits but have a low impact on your joints.
  • Pushups and squats are also low impact workouts that you can include in your daily routine
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Low-impact workouts are not only good for your health but also reduces the risk of musculoskeletal injuries. That’s why obese beginners, whose bodies are also not prepared for a workout, should adopt low-impact workout routines.  

Exercise guidelines for obesity

As an obese beginner, you should do 30 minutes of exercise or physical activity a day. And after some time increase your workout time to 45-60 minutes daily.

This is a recommended prescribed moderate-intensity activity a day that should be adopted by an obese individual.

Chair exercises for the obese person

If the obese person is an elderly patient and can’t do a workout while standing. He/she can do chair exercises. Here are some of the examples of chair exercises:

  • Seated shoulder press: For this, you need a pair of low-weight dumbbells. Sit on the chair with the back in an upright straight position. Hold the dumbbells near your shoulders and stretch your arms above your head. Then slowly take your arms back to the starting position.
  • You can do different exercises by holding these dumbbells like chest presses and front shoulder raises.
  • You can perform seated bicep curls with the help of dumbbells while sitting on the chair.
  • Modified pushups can also be performed with the help of a chair.
  • Leg kicks and extended leg raises are two different workouts for your legs.
  • You can try modified squats by holding the chair
  • Knee extensions and seated calf raises are also good for your legs
  • You can also do stretching exercises while sitting on your chair.
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Bed exercises for morbidly obese

Morbidly obese are individuals whose body weight is 100 pounds more than their ideal body weight. These individuals usually have obesity-related health conditions like diabetes or hypertension.

Living with obesity is not easy. People with obesity face so many problems that not only include health issues but also difficulty in daily life chores. Some of the bed exercise for morbidly obese patients are;

  • Chest press in bed
  • Crunches in bed
  • Side to side of lower back
  • Leg lifts workout
  • Squats; even if it is done only once or two times
  • Shoulder press
  • Triceps or overhead triceps
  • Side leg raises
  • Inner thigh squeezes with the ball
  • Calf raises from the bed

All of the above-mentioned information helps overweight beginners to start the workout. Although it’s not easy to lose weight within months. But determination and commitment with yourself help you in achieving your target.

Overweight beginners should make a plan for their exercise routine. The type of workout and your regularity in doing it, both are equally important for overweight beginners to lose weight. Remember your health should be your priority. And being healthy and obese at a time is not possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

An obese person should do 30 minutes of exercise as a beginner and increase this time to 45-60 minutes gradually to achieve your goal.

Cardio is the best exercise for obesity. Apart from it, walking, swimming, jogging, cycling, and yoga also help you in losing weight.

By controlling your diet and doing a regular workout, you can achieve your desired goal of fitness.

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