How to Lift a Heavy Person Who has Fallen

Lifting a heavy person is always a challenge. This is especially because of the fact that heavier people are always at a greater risk of getting injured when they fall down.

You have to be both physically and psychologically fit. Only then will you be able to help out the person who has suffered from the fall.

So, if you are confused regarding how to lift a heavy person who has fallen, this is the place for you. Let us look at how exactly you can lift a heavy person and what are the things that you must consider before you lift that person.

Safe Lifting a Fallen Person with Two Handlers by Vitality Medical

Possible risks associated with lifting a heavy person

While lifting a heavy person, both the patient as well as the helper can suffer from various injuries. It can lead to a back as well as a shoulder injury.

The helper can suffer from injury if /she is inclined over the patient for a long duration of time. The helper may also get hurt while shifting the patient from a bed or a couch to a wheelchair.

Making a patient sit up from a fallen position can also lead to a lot of injuries. The patient can also suffer from different injuries. If he/she is already suffering from some injury, it can worsen the injury.

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The fall can also lead to tearing of ligaments and dislocation of joints. That is why you must be aware of the various strategies and standardized lifting methods before you actually decide to lift a heavy person.

Things to keep in mind before deciding to lift a heavy person

Regardless of whether the person is sitting or standing, you will have to keep a few things in mind before you decide to lift the person:

  • Always make sure that the natural spinal curvature of the patient is preserved. 
  • Try to keep yourself absolutely straight while you are trying to lift the person. 
  • Proper alignment of the neck, head and spine is important for you. 
  • Do not bend your body while you are lifting the person. Otherwise, it may cause you a lot of injuries. 
  • Put all the pressure on the muscles of your legs while you’re lifting the person. 
  • Try to keep your feet and shoulders apart so that you are able to keep yourself steady and maintain your balance.
  • Always make sure that your patient is close to your torso. Or else, you may suddenly lose balance.

Lifting techniques to lift a heavy person off the floor:

Here we have listed a few common techniques that you must follow while lifting a heavy person:

  • Make sure that you have a proper base for support. Always keep your put one foot slightly ahead of the other. This will help you to maintain proper balance while you are lifting the person.
  • Once you are ready to lift the person either from a sitting or standing position, you need to squat down so that you get as close to the person as possible. If the person is very heavy, you can try putting one knee on the floor. This will give you a better balance and will help you to enhance your strength. 
  • As you start lifting the person upwards, you must always maintain a really good posture. Keep your head straight and try to look forward. Maintaining a poor posture can become a cause of back pain. It can also lead to migraines and hard problems.  Always keep the upper portion of the body straight while you are lifting the person.
  • Do not be in a hurry while you are trying to lift the person. Always lift him/her slowly by straightening your knees and your hips. Breathe deeply while lifting the person. Also, do not bend forward as it may interfere with your original posture. 
  • Try to hold the person close to your body. Also, the person should be at the level of your belly. Never try to lift the person above your shoulders as it can be dangerous for both you as well as the person whom you are trying to lift.
  • Always use your foot to change your direction. Do not use the upper portion of the body for changing your direction. Also, your shoulders should align with your head. This will help to maintain better body balance.
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So, this was all about lifting a heavy person. In case you have any other suggestions in mind, do let us know of them.

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