How To Date When You Are Overweight?

It’s difficult to date when you’re overweight. Everyone has their preferences, and finding your perfect match may take some time.

Learning more about the types of people drawn to overweight people is one method to simplify it.

You can limit your possibilities and locate someone who will fit well with you if you know what attributes people look for in a date especially when you are too afraid to date because of weight.

So, below are a few things to keep in mind while finding love when you’re fat on one of the best dating apps like “Tinder”, “Bumble” etc.

If you keep in mind the following, you can improve your appeal even if you are too fat:

Overweight – Should I Date? by Coffee with Carey

Ignore your inner narcissist

Do you have a small voice in your head that says something to you? You know, the one that reminds you often that you’re too fat to date, too ugly, not good enough, and so on?

If so, the best is to ignore her. Tell that obnoxious voice to go away and leave you alone.

The fact is, plus-size women aren’t the only ones that have a bitchy side. I believe every woman has one or has had one at some point in her life, even if they eventually managed to silence her.

It would be best if you ignored your inner sassy. She’ll say things that aren’t true, and you’ll know what they are. So don’t even allow her to begin.

Tell the truth about your weight

Although lying about one’s weight can make one appear more appealing, it does not guarantee that you will discover someone drawn to obese people.

It is preferable to be open and honest with others about your weight. Don’t keep information about your weight hidden with your date.

Telling the truth and displaying your natural body form makes you more desirable to the right ones and reveals that you are proud of yourself.

Demonstrate that you are at ease with your appearance

There’s no need to hide your weight if you’re overweight. You can demonstrate that you are comfortable with your body shape by letting others know that you are not afraid to date because of weight.

This quality should not be underestimated as this is a desirable quality that most people look at in their dates.

You make it easy to locate someone drawn to your appearance and the rest of your personality by displaying this side of yourself.

Don’t waste your time with someone who makes you feel bad about yourself

It’s OK if you ask someone what they think of your haircut or these clothes and they gently suggest that it’s not the best look for you. You requested an opinion, and someone gave it openly and kindly.

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But imagine you’re on a dating site and someone starts telling you what’s wrong with your appearance. It would be best if you sprinted away, not walked.

Don’t consider what if he thinks I’m fat on a first date because you never know if they care about us and want us to be healthy, many plus-size women have loved ones who will advocate diets, exercise, and other healthy habits.

We may not always appreciate these things, but at least we know they care and want to help.

Someone who starts criticizing your appearance on a dating site or on the first date, on the other hand, does not have your best interests at heart and is not looking out for you.

They’re just trying to make you feel horrible by being a jerk. And if they’re prepared to do that before you’re even dating, things aren’t going to get much better as the relationship progresses.

So save yourself, and don’t waste your time with such creeps.

Don’t build your entire profile about your weight

Your weight is only one facet of your personality. People are more likely to look at photographs than read descriptions on dating apps. So, before they get to your self-description, they’ll probably have a notion of how much you weigh.

Never make or apologize for your weight, because you are what you are and you should be proud of yourself no matter what. Some individuals will be drawn to you, while others will not. That’s quite typical.

Don’t let your fear of rejection hold you back

Rejection rates for fat women and their smaller counterparts are roughly comparable. However, many plus-size women believe they are subjected to more significant rejection than smaller ones.

It’s all too easy to allow your fear of rejection to prevent you from taking the first step.

But, if you let the fear of rejection hold you back, and the person you might end up with does the same, you’ll both miss out on something incredible.

Why shouldn’t you be the one to make the first move?

You will be rejected often, regardless of your shape and size. And that’s totally OKAY!

It’s true for everyone. If you ask some celebrities, they’ll tell you about their experiences with rejection.

Make an effort to be visible. Take a chance on it. If you’re rejected, at least you’ll know you tried, and just because of fearing rejection you might even miss the right person.

So, go ahead, take chances you never know when you get hitched up with the right one. And if you’re not turned down, you get to observe how things go.

You have the same right as anyone else to find love

There are a lot of things and people that might convince us that we’re undeserving of love or that we can only have it with specific individuals and under certain circumstances, between our inner voice and the often unwanted voices of the world around us.

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On the other hand, we are as deserving of love as anyone else. All you have to do now is own it. Make an effort to be visible. Have faith in yourself. Take a chance.

Be true to yourself and your desires, and don’t settle for anything less. Love is waiting for you out there. It is unconcerned about your size. It won’t matter to the person you’re looking for, either.

With your body language, be open and inviting

Even if you are interested in your date, if you feel like you want to wall yourself off, your body language may convey that you aren’t.

When standing or sitting, make sure to keep your head high and your shoulders back. The posture makes you look attractive. Avoid hunching over or crossing your legs in front of your date.

When your date is talking, try to maintain eye contact with them and never cross your arms. If you glance away or cross your arms at your date as they speak, they might think you don’t like them.

Fake it till you make it

On a first date, trust me, no one feels confident. It takes a lot of practice. Every one of us is a tangle of nerves and needs time to get comfy.

Everyone’s head is filled with the same notions.

Are they going to like me? Do they find me to be boring, attractive, or opinionated?

So, what are our options?

We pretend to feel it until we do. We take a few deep breaths and project a confident demeanor.

Surprisingly, even the act of faking confidence can boost our self-esteem in the long run. So, this is a win-win situation.

Always keep in mind that happiness isn’t 24×7

It’s okay to not be on the same page as your partner. Nobody is usually in a good mood.

The deep things are what you should concentrate on.

Is this person happy with your choices? Or is he/she really happy with your happiness? Is he/she okay with what you’re doing? Are they able to make you laugh and be able to laugh with you? Can you tell me about your common weird interests that just the two of you know about and enjoy?

These little questions will let you know if things are working fine between you and your partner or not.


Keep in mind that dating isn’t about appearances; in the end, it’s about finding a good fit—for both you and your partner.

Dating when you’re overweight, or trying to lose weight, you’ll need to find a partner that supports you throughout the process. The right individual will not make it difficult for you, and you will not have to exert much effort with them.

So spend time with the suitable person and, most importantly, believe in yourself even if you are too fat to date because only if you have that trust, confidence, and belief in yourself will the other person have it as well.

Enjoy yourself while dating, but remember to respect yourself and your health objectives.


Does losing weight improve dating?

We can improve the quality of our lives by losing weight. Being unhealthy has the potential to affect our most intimate relationships. Weight loss and healthy living have both psychological and physical advantages.

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It can extend your years of living making you look and feel fantastic. Those who lose weight feel more confident in social situations and can seek out a romantic partner or terminate an unhealthy relationship.

However, one benefit often outweighs the others: losing weight can increase your sexual attractiveness and improve your relationship prospects if you’re single.

The abundance of fresh alternatives can be life-changing if you haven’t dated as much as you’d like (or with whom you’d want) because you’re overweight.

While there are many reasons to rejoice, it can also be difficult for many people.

What is it like to date while fat?

Dating is difficult for everyone, but many people believe it is even more complicated when overweight.

Many have to go through questions like “How dare you to be oversized and expect affection and love from your partner?”.

Going on dates or hoping for good sex life is not your cup of tea, and you have no right to it. Just because you are too fat to date doesn’t mean you can’t have those things.

Even though you’re regarded as bold, still the judgemental society is a bit ludicrous.

There are many things one has to listen to and experience when overweight such as:

  • Sharing full-body photographs with confidence is not your thing
  • It’s somehow considered a “lie” to use your best angles
  • Unnecessary abuse is common
  • People love trolling and advising you on a healthy diet and a regular exercise
  • Ghosting after meeting in a person is a severe epidemic in most cases
  • Until the end of the date, you are treated like a person
  • Some guys think fat girls in bed are freaks
  • Festishits arrive in droves
  • Some guys want to date you on the dark side
  • It’s the open season if you reject a guy anyway; this is a bad news

Does weight matter in a relationship?


It’s time to explain now that the bomb has been detonated.

Men are more superficial than women, as many overweight people are aware. Men are more likely to swipe left after seeing a picture and without reading a woman’s Tinder profile. 

While women, too, appraise potential suitors based on their weight, despite a man’s weighted preference for beauty. However, you’re in luck because being overweight isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

It’s self-evident that weight is essential to almost everyone. The valid question is: when does weight mean the most to women? This is the question we’ll be delving into in-depth as we put our hypothetical overweight lover in various situations to see how he reacts.

We’re such superficial creatures. Otherwise, there would be no ‘pick-up artists’ or ‘the game’ subculture.

It’s just the harsh reality of life.

It also depends on the type of person you’re looking to date. There’s something to be said for the sophomore approach to comparisons.

There is some leeway, but it is elastic rather than expansive.

But. What does it matter? If it’s important to a specific individual that YOU LIKE them. They’re fucked.

There are many exceptions to this rule, and more than enough for you to discover someone who will treat you the way you deserve.

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