How Boris Johnson Can Get His Cake And Eat It To Tackle Obesity Without Hurting The Poorest | The independent

Fat is a class problem. Obesity is concentrated much more among poorer families and among people from one Bame background, however, hardly limited to them. That Covid-19 Crisis has revealed the comorbidities and risks associated with carrying too much weight and having an unhealthy lifestyle.

Boris Johnson, a product of lifelong privileges, has apparently gotten his opinions on intervening in the obesity crisis at least partially changed by his own brush with Covid-19. He may also be considering how a desire for more sensible eating can increase the health outcomes among his new working class political base. Hence the new restrictions on TV commercials and the regulation of two-for-one deals on treats. General practitioners will be encouraged to prescribe more exercise. Like the first day Mr. Johnson went on a diet, it’s a start.

The public health message needs to be clear, but overweight children and adults need not be ashamed of their bodies: what everyone needs, regardless of their body shape, is to be more aware of what they eat and drink, and pushed in the right direction. As with alcohol and smoking, it is not a simple matter of individual freedom to choose how commendable this dish is. It’s about the impact on others, on family and friends, and on an NHS that needs to cope with the fact that so many of us are living so much longer, but in declining health.

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