6 Good Jobs for Overweight People

Let’s face it: Obesity can be as daunting as any illness. It can both disturb your personal and professional life. On top of that, usually, companies do not accommodate obese people.

Hiring managers have a misconception that hiring oversized people will affect their business. Therefore, getting good jobs for overweight people is a catch-22.

Even if you get a job somewhere, you are paid low. But don’t let such hiring managers ruin your confidence.

Fortunately, there are a few fat-friendly jobs that can put an end to your job problems. Now, let’s take you through the obese jobs where you can be comfortable working. 

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The Top 6 Jobs for Overweight People:

Plus-size catalogue model

The very first good job for overweight people is catalogue modelling. After breaking all the stereotypes, the modelling world has come a long way. The industry now welcomes models of every size wholeheartedly.

Earlier, casting directors and many others in this industry considered plus size models as unstylish and shabby.

But now, with change in taste and preference in clothing, the perception of people wearing them has also evolved. So, if you’re interested in taking modelling as your career, then chin up and go for it.

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Pet sitter

Because the ‘sit’ word is hidden in this title doesn’t mean you should be a pet sitter. This job helps you stay active whether you’re a dog, cat or any pet animal sitter.

In this job, you may need to walk with dogs, play with cats, feed birds and so on. Such activities keep you moving and help you shred your weight easily.

If you are keen on providing medical aid and CPR to the animal, then you’re perfectly fit for this job.

Food critic

The most exciting career where you can embrace your size to the fullest! Keeping aside the old-age stigma, you can do your job perfectly.

Apart from doing a quality check of meals, you’d get the opportunity of trying different cuisines, conversing with chefs and other professionals in this industry and documenting it. This way, you’ll get to know about new dishes and culture.


You know the feeling of getting bullied. Sometimes, you may have felt under-confident whenever people talked about your weight.

By being a counsellor, you can develop such kids’ confidence and inculcate a positive attitude towards life. Additionally, you can totally resonate with them by sharing your stories.

For example, how you used to get treated due to your overweight and how you deal with it. This way, you can nurture kindness and compassion in the future of the globe.

Work from home jobs

If you want to avoid physical presence in the office, then opt for work from home jobs. They are the ideal ones as they’re done at the comfort of your home.

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Remote jobs or telecommuting jobs are mostly done over a phone call or on a laptop. Well, technology has made things simpler for you! From online teaching to healthcare, there are countless remote working jobs.

Paid survey taking

Last but not least, you can make money by taking paid surveys. All you need to do is provide your perceptions of any product, advertisements or services and make money.

And this you can do in your comfy clothes and at home. This way, companies will get customers’ feedback through which they can make improvements in their products or services. And you’ll get a comfortable job.

The Piece Of Good Word:

Stigma and discrimination will take time to bid goodbye. Until then, you probably would find it difficult to find a job for yourself, but don’t lose confidence.

The time when you lose it, you’ll allow yourself to get affected by this prejudice. Hopefully, this article on good jobs for overweight people would have helped you find the right career path for yourself.

Challenge this stigma and be yourself!

Now, let us have a glance over the top three commonly and frequently asked questions by overweight people.

Yes, obesity often makes the process of landing a job tough, especially for females. Several studies have shown that some interviewers perceive being overweight as a sign of laziness; therefore, they’re less likely to hire obese people.

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The number reason behind this perception is stereotyping. They think what the rest of the people thinks; overweight people can’t be competitive, professional and active. Besides stigma, insurance restrictions are another reason why employers do not prefer hiring obese employees. These people are considered as additional costs.

Not really! But getting through an interview for overweight people can be intimidating. Sometimes, the interviewer glances at you and decides not to hire you, even if you fit in the role. But luckily, there are ways to negate such negative opinions and stereotypes.

  • Choose an appropriate and comfortable dress for the interview
  • Wear confidence even if you know that they may judge you due to your weight
  • Prepare yourself before the interview as it helps you to look confident in front of the interviewer

Because of the stigma that overweight people are inactive, it’s common to result in less salary. If any employer perceives you as a lazy person, they are going to pay you less wage. However, this totally depends upon your employer. But, not always, all employers do this.

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