Fashion Tips For Overweight Men

Are you overweight and think that you have minimal outfit options? If yes, you probably don’t know about the fashion industry.

This industry has grown rapidly to match the needs of everyone regardless of age, gender and weight.

Fashion for overweight men is a trendy topic in the industry as the percentage of big-boned people has increased with time.

In this modern world, overweight men have plenty of options out of which they can select what fits their body, suits them the most, boosts their persona, and covers body imperfections.

Whether you are fat, slim, short, or tall, if you know how to dress, you will be the most attractive guy wherever you go.

However, this article is only for short and fat guys confused about what and how to wear.

Let’s dive straight into the topic!

How To Dress Sharp… Even If You’re FAT (21 Large Guy Style Tips) by Real Men Real Style

How to Dress If You Are Short and Fat Man?

Many people think that they cannot dress nicely because they don’t have an ideal body type. Fortunately, this is not the case for those guys who have a good dressing sense.

The fashion market, especially the big brands, designed exclusive dresses for the short and size men. Even the local market is full of clothes for overweight men and short men that they can wear on any occasion.

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It is challenging to find the perfect match for your body. But you don’t need to worry. Below are some tips for choosing flawless dressing according to your body type.

Different Body Types

This article discusses only the dressing and men’s fashion options for only overweight guys. However, the overweight category is also broad.

There is a massive difference in the dressing of a guy with 180lbs and the one with 250lbs or more. Your outfits should depend on your body type and weight.

There are primarily three body types of overweight men: triangle, rectangle, and oval.

Triangle Body

The broad belly and normal-size shoulders symbolize a triangle-shaped body.

People with that body type should go for colorful shirts and jackets that could draw everyone’s attention towards it and don’t let them focus on the fat.

Rectangle Body

People with equal shoulders and waistline sizes fall in the rectangle body type. If you are one of them, go for the wide collar shirts, patterned fabric, and dark colors, as they will help you look slimmer.

However, keep the double-breasted jackets away from your closet as they don’t compliment that body type.

Oval Body

The oval body type can be defined as the body with a belly that is much wider than the hips and shoulders.

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If you have an oval body type, you should prefer dressing in the same color dress. Whether you like to wear casual or formal attire, try to avoid contrasting colors.

Contrasting colors in clothes draw attention to the body imperfections and make you look bigger than you are.

The dresses you wear must fit your body and don’t show your imperfections. It doesn’t matter whether you like a brand, design, fabric, or a specific shirt; don’t buy it until you are sure that it will suit your body.

Best Type of Shirts for Fat Guys

Fatness comes with multiple problems, but the limitation of dresses and shirts is not one of them. If you are a big guy, you can wear any shirt, including tees, polo, and formal.

Let’s discuss each kind of shirt and fat man styles one by one!

Formal Shirts

When it comes to formal shirts, there are several options for you. However, you should prefer wearing classic shirts as they will suit you the most.

Your shirts must not be too tight or loose as both sizes draw people’s attention and motivate your friends to pass some comments.

On the other hand, when plus-size men should wear the right fit formal shirts with a floral design or vertical patterns or stripes, they don’t let anyone focus on their bigger bellies.

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Besides the patterns and designs, the colors also play a major role in creating illusions and letting people overlook your fat.

According to many fashion experts, formal shirts in darker colors, predominantly black, are the best for overweight people.


Tees are the most common types of shirt that everyone loves to wear due to their comfort. The guys with a bit of additional fat on their bodies can also wear them to look great and have relief.

However, those guys should go with the V-neck shirts. These shirts create delusions and hide imperfections. That is why many big guys choose these shirts over the rounded ones.

Polo Shirts

You may have noticed that many big guys usually wear polo shirts, and they look perfect in them.

Polo is considered the best fashion for overweight men, and it is an essential part of almost every fat guy’s wardrobe.

You can wear polo shirts with shorts, jeans, and even trousers. Instead of showing belly fat, polo glorifies the bodies.

Besides that, they are very comfortable and breathable compared to formal and rounded-shaped necks.

Bottom Line

Multiple brands have designed exclusive outfits for plus-size men to help them look like stars. However, all they need is to choose the right outfit according to their body types.

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