Does Being Overweight Make You Look Older?

Does being overweight make you look older? This might be a question you’ve been asking yourself after many people have mistaken your age as being way older than you actually are.

Being mistaken as your mom or dad’s partner or your younger sibling’s parent can be incredibly awkward, not to mention terrible for your self-esteem.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many of us struggle with weight gain as we can overeat in times of stress.

Furthermore, with the pandemic situation, many of us stay at home and do not exercise as much as we used to, leading to continued weight gain.

Continue reading to find out if being overweight can make you appear older than you actually are and what you can do about it.

Does Being Fat Make You Look Older? (My 1 Week Diet Challenge!) by Singaporean In Korea / America / Japan / Turkey

Am I Overweight?

Before we begin, let’s take a look at what being overweight means and whether you’re truly overweight. Being overweight means that extra body fat leads your weight to be greater than what is considered healthy for your height.

An easy way to calculate if you are too heavy for your weight is to use the body mass index (BMI), which measures your weight in relation to your height.

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You can find a BMI chart online and find out whether your BMI is too high. A high BMI means that you are suffering from obesity. If so, this article will be especially important for you.

Being Overweight Drains Energy

Do you know what is associated with youthfulness? Energy. Being overweight can sap your energy as massive amounts of visceral fat will weigh you down.

The extra body weight will drain your energy as you go about your day, putting pressure on your joints and bones. This makes you feel more worn out, resulting in an older and more tired appearance.

Weight Gain Affects Your Appearance

Being overweight affects the appearance and health of our bodies, especially our skin. This includes the blood circulation of our skin, as well as changes in collagen structure.

Weight gain also leads to a higher loss of moisture in the skin, making it look dry and impairing skin repair.

Plus, the excess weight will impact the veins in your legs, causing the surface capillaries as well as varicose veins to rupture, making you look older. Losing weight will help you to delay signs of aging.

Emotional and Mental Impacts of Weight Gain

Part of how being overweight leads to having an aged appearance is mental and emotional.

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When people don’t feel good about their appearance and aren’t active and engaged, they become limited in their confidence and the things that they do.

Overweight people might hunch and be less confident when they walk around. This makes them look older. This is contrasted to people who are slim and healthy.

When they’re active and feel confident about themselves, they wear that happiness and energy for life on their faces, making them look a lot younger. 

When you are overweight, you tend to let go of other things, such as wearing nice clothes, doing your hair, wearing makeup, socializing, and more.

As we lose control over our weight, we can feel discouraged and give up on taking care of our appearance as well. This leads to our skin looking dull, as well as our clothing looking out of style.

When you’re unhappy and stressed due to your weight, it will show through your body language and physical appearance.

If you take control of your weight and other aspects of your appearance, you’ll feel younger and look younger as well. But how do you go about losing weight? 

Losing Weight

Being overweight makes you look older, but it’s not too late to lose weight.

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If you want to lose weight, you must be careful to do it in a healthy way, as dramatic weight loss through unhealthy methods can lead to a faster process of facial aging due to sagging skin.

You can start with a healthy diet. There are many types of diets online. For example, you can try intermittent fasting or keto diets.

Make sure to reduce your consumption of sugar and refined carbohydrates. Instead, opt for more protein and leafy greens, as well as probiotics.

Consume lots of fiber as it will increase the feeling of fullness without causing weight gain. Fiber-rich foods include nuts, whole-wheat pasta, peans, beans, and pulses.

Do not consume more than the recommended daily intake of calories.

Regular exercise will also be important for losing weight. You can download fitness apps and follow the recommended physical activities to help you to lose weight.

If you want more enjoyable ways of losing weight, why not pick up a hobby, such as swimming, yoga, or tennis?

Since being overweight can make you look older, it is important to keep your weight in check so you don’t get misunderstood as older than you are. You will also benefit from being healthier and more confident.

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