Boris Johnson celebrates weight loss after avoiding “late-night cheese”

prime minister Boris Johnson has said he feels “much more energetic” after losing weight like that government launches a new campaign aimed at helping the public make “healthier choices”.

In a video posted on Twitter on Thursday, Mr Johnson said he “does everything I can to lose weight”, which has involved running early in the morning and fewer carbs, avoiding chocolate and staying away from snacks with “late-night cheese”.

“I have done a lot, in fact all I can, to lose weight and feel healthier and healthier,” Mr Johnson said.

“The result is that I have actually lost something, pretty much by my standards, and I feel a lot more energetic, I feel full of prayers, and I recommend it thoroughly, thoroughly,” he said.

Downing Street has suggested that Mr Johnson lost weight around a rock, with press secretary Allegra Stratton saying: “I think it’s 14 pounds he lost, which is a rock. I think he might has lost a little more than what I think he is modest, “according to the PA.” He takes his diet very seriously, “she said.

The Prime Minister made his comments on his own weight loss bid as his government rolled out a new campaign to help fight obesity in Great Britain.

“I know there are many people in the same kind of position as me and it was I who wanted to lose weight. That is why we are now investing in the whole national goal,” Mr Johnson said.

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On Thursday, the government introduced a £ 100m package aimed at helping tackle obesity, which includes more than £ 70m to make weight management services more accessible.

The investment is expected to provide up to 700,000 adults with access to support through the NHS and advice to help them lose weight. In the meantime, an additional £ 30 million will be dedicated to helping people maintain a healthy weight.

The government is also exploring the possibility of a “fit miles” program that will use rewards to encourage the public to make healthy choices.

Sir Keith Mills, who is behind the Airmiles and Nectar points programs, has been appointed to advise on the development of the “fit miles” scheme.

In a statement released by the Department of Health and Social Care, Mr Johnson noted that “being overweight increases the risk of getting sick with Covid”.

“If we all do our part, we can reduce our own health risks – but also help remove pressure from the NHS,” he said.

The Prime Minister launched an effort to promote healthy elections following his own struggle with Covid.

He has said before he takes his hat off to vegansbut called the lifestyle choice “a crime against cheese lovers”.

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